Brunch – Spark Woodfire Grill


Eggs Benedict and Breakfast Items are served with Breakfast Potatoes. Fresh Fruit add $1.50

Eggs Benedict

Fried Mac N Cheese Benni     10.95

Crispy Mac N Cheese. Canadian Bacon. Poached Eggs. Hollandaise

Chorizo and Eggs Benni     10.95

Chorizo Potato Cake. Grilled Tomato. Poached Eggs. Chipotle Hollandaise

Prime Rib Hash and Spinach Benni     11.95

Smoked Prime Rib. Potato. Wilted Spinach. Poached Eggs. Bearnaise

Maine Lobster Benni     13.95

Maine Lobster. English Muffin. Poached Eggs. Bearnaise

Pork Tenderloin Benni     12.95

Pork Tenderloin. English Muffin. Roasted Peppers. Poached Eggs. Hollandaise

Spark Slider Benni     10.95

Sirloin Burger patties. English Muffin. Grilled Tomato. Poached Eggs. Hollandaise

Traditional Benni     9.95

English Muffin. Canadian Bacon. Poached Eggs. Hollandaise

Deviled Egg Benni     9.95

English Muffin. Canadian Bacon. Poached Eggs.

Dijon Hollandaise. Fresh Chive

Veggie Benni     10.95

English Muffin. Grilled Tomato. Spinach. Roasted Peppers Poached Eggs. Chipotle Hollandaise.

Angry Crab Cake Benni     13.95

Sriracha Crab Cakes. Canadian Bacon. Poached Eggs. Hollandaise

American Breakfast Benni     11.95

Breakfast Potato. Sausage Patties. Poached Eggs, Hollandaise

2 Pigs and a Chicken Benni     12.95

Pork Tenderloin. English Muffin. Poached Eggs,

Bacon Hollandaise

Breakfast Items

Traditional Breakfast     11.95

2 Eggs. Sausage or Bacon. English Muffin

Johnny Cake w/Smoked Salmon, Cucumber & Horseradish Creme Fraiche     12.95

Build Your Own Omelette     8.95


Tomato. Spinach. Onion. Mushroom. Cheddar. Swiss. Roasted Peppers     .75 ea


Sausage. Bacon. Canadian Bacon. Goat Cheese. Asparagus. Maine Lobster     1.25ea

Ham and Egg Crepes     11.95

Scrambled Egg. Ham. Fresh Chive. Hollandaise

French Toast     10.95

Breakfast Sides

Bacon     3.50

Sausage     3.50

Breakfast Potatoes     3.00

Toast     2.50

Wheat. White. Sourdough. English Muffin

Eggs (2)     3.50

Fresh Fruit     3.00

Avocado      3.50

Hollandaise     2.50

Maine Lobster     8.00

Burger Pattie     3.50

Lunch Items

Honey Pepper Salmon     18.95

Lemon Beurre Blanc. Garlic Mash Asparagus

Pub Burger     9.95

Brioche. Bacon. Cheddar. Onion Ring. Fries

Margarita Flatbread     8.50

Tomato. Basil and Mozzarella

Prosciutto and Argula Flatbread     9.95

Olive Oil. Parmesan

Spark Cobb     9.95

Romaine. Cucumber. Blue Cheese. Chicken.

Tomato. Sunflower Seeds. House-made Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Grilled Cheese Sandwich     8.50

Gruyere. Mozzarella. Cheddar. Garlic Fries

Lobster Mac N Cheese     12.95

Four cheeses. Maine Lobster

Street Tacos     8.50

Grilled Chicken or Fish

Onion. Cilantro. Avocado. Fries

Breakfast Cocktails

Tess’s Coffee     7.95

Bailey’s. Peppermint Schnapps. Chocolate and

Hot Coffee with Whipped Cream

Rye Not A Shot     6.95

High West Rye Bourbon. Kahlua. Orange Bitters

Spark 16oz Sriracha Mary     7.95

Pickled Green Bean. Pickled Asparagus.

Beef Jerky. Celery & Shishito Pepper

Hangover Helper     7.95

Vanilla Vodka. Kahlua. Bailey’s and Coffee Shaken and Strained over Ice

Kickstart      6.95

Malibu, Orange Juice. Pineapple Juice. Myers’s Dark Rum and a Touch of Grenadin