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Spark Woodfire Grill specializes in the woodfire grilling and roasting of  Certified Angus Beef hand‑cut steaks, Kobe beef burgers, chops, seafood, all natural chicken, authentic thin crust pizza and slowly roasted BBQ Baby Back ribs using only the freshest “Prime” and “Choice” graded meats and seafood available. Located in a boutique style two story free standing building on Ventura Boulevard, Spark offers a menu comprised of contemporary American cuisine prepared on either a mesquite woodfire grill, slowly roasted in a Sicilian oak woodfire rotisserie or baked in a 1200 degree open hearth woodfire oven. Our specialized Woodfire cooking creates delicious and savory flavors in all our meat, poultry and seafood dishes.  

Spark was selected by Bon Appetit Magazine as one of the "Best Neighborhood Restaurants" in the country and is Zagat rated as a "distinctive" restaurant.

The Spark concept was built around Woodfire cooking (hence the name) but more specifically three unique pieces of specialty cooking equipment: an Italian Open hearth oven, a sicilian rotisserie and a mesquite-fired grill. This equipment is fired only by wood or mesquite charcoal. There is no gas or electricity at all. By cooking with wood, the flavors of the meats and fish are allowed to come through accompanied by a light wood scent, not a heavily fuel or barbeque taste. In addition to the cooking technique, Spark's cuisine is complimented by our exclusive use of only the finest "Prime" or "Certified Angus Beef" primarlily from Newport Meats, widely considered to be the premier distributor of top quality steaks and meats in Southern California.