Best Grill Thermometers Review

One good barbecue experience can be ruined without the help of a reliable grill thermometer. Let’s admit it, cooking barbecues or just the simple act of grilling can never be perfected by feel and look alone. We want that perfect temperature to cook our meat all the way through and result in a juicy and tender barbecue. And to get the quality of meat we want, we must resort only to the best grill thermometer the market has to offer.

In this post, we will present you with four options for grill thermometer that are currently out there for your picking. We will briefly talk about them and share some good points to help you decide the best grill thermometer that is perfect for you.

4 Best Grill Thermometers Review

ThermoPro TP20 Digital Meat Thermometer

This grill thermometer is packing quite punch in terms of what it can do and provide. What it boasts mainly are its dual probe sensors which can enable you to monitor two different kinds of meat at the same time. The product comes with a receiver and transmitter to wirelessly communicate the temperature of what you’re cooking for up to a distance of 300 feet. This means that you can step away from your kitchen and do some other chores while still monitoring the temperature of what you’re cooking. This equipment doesn’t come cheap though as it’s packed with a good set of features that are as follows:

  • Dual probe technology
  • Wireless transmitter and receiver (communicates for up to 300 ft in distance)
  • Allows for manually setting of your own temperature
  • Alarm alert for programmed temp or timer
  • Preprogrammed with USDA recommended temperature setting for 9 different types of meat
  • Temperature range: 32○ F – 572○ F (0○ C – 300○ C) with an accuracy of ± 1.8○F (± 1○ C)
  • Timer and temperature settings are automatically saved when the unit is turned off
  • Count up and countdown timer with two-time duration options (99min 59sec, 99hr 59min)
  • Rubber sleeve case on a splash-proof receiver; plus receiver belt clip and countertop stand
  • Large backlit LCD allows for nighttime cooking
  • 4 AAA batteries included

If you are not impressed by that, I don’t know what will. Those features are definitely made for the most discerning barbecue cooks out there. To help you even more in deciding if this option is the best grill thermometer for you, we’ve listed down some pros and cons to consider.




  • Double probe feature allows for monitoring two different kinds of food simultaneously
  • The preprogrammed temperature setting for different types of meat eliminates guesswork when cooking
  • Temperature accuracy of ±1.8○F is excellent
  • Allows for your own temperature setting manually which comes in handy when you have your own preferred way of doing things
  • Lost link warning
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Materials quality used for the equipment is not top-notch
  • A bit pricy compared to other ThermoPro models
  • Not suited for smoking as it has high-temperature alarms


ThermoPro TP-08S Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer

If you want a cheaper version of the ThermoPro TP20, then ThermoPro TP-08S is the best grill thermometer for you. Its features are virtually the same with the TP20; only the preset temperature setting for the different types of meat and doneness is not present. It has the dual probe feature that can monitor the internal temperature of the meat; its wireless capability also goes as far as 300 feet. This again is very convenient as you can do other tasks you need to do while waiting for the food to cook. The temperature setting on this thermometer has to be set manually though. The alarm preset feature can be set on low temperatures making it perfect for low and slow cooked barbecues; the ultra-accurate temperature accuracy sensor precisely sets off the alarm when the temperature of your meat goes beyond what you set. That’s a solid function right there.


  • A cheaper version of the ThermoPro TP20
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent accuracy of thermometers (±1.8○F)
  • Temperature alert
  • Lost link warning


  • Button configuration can get confusing
  • No up or down button
  • The receiver is not splash proof
  • Build and material quality issues

Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Smart cooking has become a thing in this day and age and Weber has just the perfect product for those who prefer monitoring what they are cooking using just their smartphone.  The Weber iGrill 2 thermometer is a smart device that is Bluetooth-enabled.  Pair this grill thermometer with your smartphone or tablet and it will provide you with a chart showing temperature changes and alert you for push notifications when food is cooked. It even lets you change the temperature setting using just your device. Its wireless range is about 150 feet, which covers far less distance compared to the previous two gauges on this list. Another great thing that makes this device the best smart grill thermometer is that a supplementary free App can be downloaded which has preset cooking temperatures for different types of meats and different doneness levels.

The device can be hooked up with up to 4 probes at the same time, although only two meat probes are included when you buy it. This lets you monitor more food at the same time and could especially come in handy if you’re preparing a large batch of food for when you organize parties.

The smart thermometer of the iGrill 2 has a far higher temperature sensing capability, going up to 716˚F. Its response time is excellent at just under three seconds. This is the most expensive product on this list, and in our opinion, it deserves its price point because Weber is well known as the maker of the best smart grill thermometer today.


  • It’s smart technology pairs with any smartphone or tablet
  • Sends notifications to your device when preset temperature is reached
  • Multiple probe capability allows for monitoring up to four food at the same time
  • Response time and accuracy is excellent


  • Wireless range only goes up to 150 ft while others go as far as 300 ft
  • Price could be a deal breaker


 Char-Broil 7184426 Temperature Gauge

Sometimes fancy and complicated features are such a hassle when all you want is just as simple as knowing the temperature inside your oven or grill. If you are the type that prefers function over features, then Char-Broil 7184426 is perfect for you. This grill thermometer is a trusty device that provides accurate temperature monitoring without a fuss. Its compact and lightweight finish fits most grills and bbq smokers. Its temperature reading in Fahrenheit is as precise as it can get, although nothing is more accurate than digital gauges. At a price point that is cheapest out of all the grill thermometers on this list, this product gives value for your money and a MUST HAVE for all kitchen.




  • This is a trusty and reliable device when all you need is a simple temperature gauge
  • Doesn’t have complicated features that can become a hassle sometimes
  • Cheap


  • The temperature reading is not as accurate as the digital ones
  • Doesn’t have the probe feature that can be poked through meat to check the internal temperature
  • Reads only ambient temperature of grills or smokers

With a lot of options out there, choosing the best grill thermometer could become a daunting task. The decision will all boil down to the functions and features that you essentially need, which will make cooking simple and easy for you. With the help of this guide, we certainly hope that we have given you useful information on some of the best grill thermometers.